Portsmouth Festivities presents………BBC’s JIM AL-KHALILI

Michael Faraday and the Birth of the Electric Machines

Jim Al-Khalili has presented The Life Scientific on Radio 4 since 2011. Physicist, author, and broadcaster, he will give an electrifying talk on Michael Faraday’s 1832 paper on electromagnetic induction and its almost immediate effect in transforming our world. The talk will describe the key experiments Faraday carried out at the Royal Institution in London, and how he discovered that an electric current could be induced to flow through a conductor that experiences a changing magnetic field. His ideas would directly lead to the development of the electric dynamo and electric motor, two technological advances that are the very foundations of the modern world.

You can buy copies of his books after the Talk and meet Jim to have them signed. Books will include is latest Life on the Edge : The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology

Wednesday 22nd June 7.30 David Russell Theatre Portsmouth Grammar School

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